Waiting List Reduction Specialists

At WHE, our main objective is supporting the NHS by helping care providers meet legal treatment dates, reduce wait times and provide exceptional healthcare services for everyone.

Our goals are tightly intertwined with providing an absolutely safe and engaging atmosphere to ensure the patients’ well-being and satisfaction at all times.

Clinical Leads

Our clinical leads leverage years of medical experience and share the company’s values of transparency, reliability, and professionalism at all times.

Clinical Governance

Our highly qualified clinical governance heads are there to help us improve and maintain the highest quality of healthcare for all patients.

Management Team

As the driving force behind WHE, our entire management team shares a clear vision for optimizing NHS processes. We work tirelessly to ensure our values are central to our work and provide healthcare providers with reliable, cost-effective and beneficial solutions to optimise their framework.

Apart from a shared passion to help others, WHE’s management team also leverages extensive experience assisting healthcare providers with backlog and reducing waiting times.

Please Note: We are currently in the process of curating our complete management team biographies. Please check back soon for a comprehensive list of our team.

Mr Enrique Garcia Sore


As CEO and COO of WHE, Enrique is responsible for maintaining the company’s mission statement, ideals and philosophy, and ensuring they show clearly in our work. His extensive experience in management and as a clinical manager and lead for medical services has taken General Surgery and Medical services to the next level.

After gathering experience in different medical agencies for 2 years, he decided to pursue his dream. His intimate knowledge of the operational challenges NHS healthcare providers face, and his extensive network connections helped create WHE: a cutting-edge agency that aims to offer unparalleled support to the NHS and aspires to transform healthcare across the country.

Dr Oliver Gottmann


Experienced financial professional, always looking to address issues head-on. Oliver focus on delivering value and thinking about the next move. Passionate about taking visions and building solid strategies around them to make them a reality.

This experience comes from both rapidly changing, fast paced industries such as online gambling, esports/fantasy sports, insurance, audit, financial services, funds & trusts and pharma, amongst others. His passion is for fintech.

Heavily involved with ICO’s and DLT (“Distributed Ledger Technology”) startups, such as crypto exchanges. Olivers focus is on strategy. finance, risk, business plan/white paper generation and capital adequacy areas. Oliver have written and continues to write articles around Fintech and blockchain technology.

Oliver hold a professional accounting (FCCA) qualification, as well as an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on Strategic Decision Making and Bias in the boardroom.

Chris Dalmon


A registered operating department practitioner, Chris has extensive clinical experience as a clinical lead and has comprehensive operating theatre and endoscopy management across London and the south-east. Chris has a passion for clinical governance, safety and strategy, implementing a positive and safe working environment leading to highly effective departments with successful people management. Chris has in-depth experience in the planning and delivery of insourcing services for both endoscopy and surgery with the NHS